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I help clients stand out through authentic illustrations and creatives develop skills.

Vlad Dumitrescu Illustrescu

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This course was created at Pixellab Romania, especially thought for the emerging Romanian creators. It’s a vector illustration course that takes you to the next level and helps unleash your creativity.

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About Vlad.

The artist behind the alter ego @illustrescu, creative enthusiast, former professional basketball player and driving his own story and business as an illustrator, designer and educator.

Worked with top brands like Kaufland, Redbull, EA Sports, Spartan Race, Heineken, xPortal and many more to help them stand out through authentic creations.

Vlad Dumitrescu Illustrescu Portret Illustrator Designer Educator


Working under an alter ego and using personal branding as a voice made him an important figure in the Romanian illustration market. Considering education an important aspect in development, he is also creating educational content and teaching, giving back to the community.

Having initiated his own illustration course at Pixellab School, he successfully taught over 200 students. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, he became the Head of Online at Pixellab, where he now oversees the development of the school’s online infrastructure.

As an art director for Murdar podcast, he lead the creation a visual world that complements the podcast’s stories and themes. This involved collaborating with the podcast’s production team to establish a consistent aesthetic, creating concept art and storyboards, and overseeing the design and production of all visual elements, including characters, environments, and special effects.

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